• Sep 11, 2021
  • by Prophet Fred

Today, For You, Is God’s Rest From Stress. Our greatest teacher in this dynamic of de-stressing and making the spiritual choice to rest is Our Heavenly Father Yahweh. Genesis 2:2-3 communicates to us that after God made all that He made, God purposefully rested from all of the exertion of His labor. This is one of the first lessons the Father teaches us, His creation, that no matter how important the work; or demanding at times it is; the more important part is that we must choose to rest. Rest is not laziness when exercised appropriately. Rest is sanctioned and sanctified by God for us to recuperate, regenerate, regather, and replenish what we have released out. Look at this, of all seven days Yahweh created, He only blessed and hallowed day number seven as a sacred day. So today, I encourage you to voluntarily relieve yourself from stress, worry anxiety, burden, drama, pain, and heaviness. Be free to enjoy the spiritual grace of rest! Enjoy yourself today through worship to God, praise for His goodness, thanksgiving for His faithfulness and also focus on your own peace and sanctity through sanity. God made today just for us to freely enjoy His power to restore! We Love ❤️ You All….Please Rest And Replenish Today